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An itinerant woman Christian speaker with a message of GRACE, through use of humour and PROPHECY and HEALING with the HOLY SPIRIT. Encouraging ALL to step out of themselves and into Jesus.

#HOPEBOMB Johnsonville Outreach


#HOPEBOMB Johnsonville Outreach

Jasmine Fidow-Maiava

"We want to do more for Jesus" they said.
"We want to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit",
"We want to share the love of Jesus"

On the first Tuesday of every month I catch the first flight to Wellington. The lovely Robyn picks me up from the airport and I drop her to work so I can use her car. I make my way to a cafe where I gather my sleepy thoughts and prepare myself to start the first of four meetings over two days.

I go early to the Johnsonville Community Centre to get a carpark and set up the chairs for the morning's meeting.

This is one of those meetings where the attendants are so filled with faith, we don't need a music team - we start praying and the gathered spontaneously burst out expressions of praise and worship - hymns, choruses, prayers, scripture cranking up needed here.

God spoke to us about doing something new so we have decided to do an outreach called #HopeBomb into the Johnsonville Mall on the morning of Tuesday 7th March.

We are giving out Jeremiah 29: 11 Magnets and chocolates and offering to pray for people. Everyone needs HOPE!

It's time to demonstrate the love and power of Jesus who's been living inside us for the longest time.

If you're free, come and join us.

Your faith and a plate for shared lunch afterwards

10.30am Prayer time @Johnsonville Community Centre
11.30am Head to the mall and beyond in pairs with the Holy Spirit, magnets and chocolates
1.30pm Meet back at Johnsonville Community Centre for prayer and shared lunch

Watch out Jville you're about to be HOPE BOMBED!