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An itinerant woman Christian speaker with a message of GRACE, through use of humour and PROPHECY and HEALING with the HOLY SPIRIT. Encouraging ALL to step out of themselves and into Jesus.



Faster Sharper Better

Jasmine Fidow-Maiava

I believe that in this season, you will:

·        Run faster and further than you have ever run before. I Kings 18:44-46

·        See and understand unsearchable things. Jeremiah 33:3

·        And you will walk in unimaginable favour. Ephesians 3:20

·        Christ in us enables us to be faster, sharper and better than we ever thought possible.

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God is Good...Really??

Jasmine Fidow-Maiava

I realised I had become cynical about the church, Christians and ministry. I was frustrated with me. Exasperated at not seeing more healings and miracles. I was meeting more and more people plagued with depression, suffering from pain and anxiety despite having faith in God.

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What's Your End Goal?

Jasmine Fidow-Maiava

Youth leaders, your end goal is not to entertain young people or keep them in church.

Pastors, your end goal is not to grow your church.

Christians, your end goal is not to be prosperous, keep the 10 commandments or make it to heaven.

Singles, your end goal is not to find a life partner

Married couples, your end goal is not to stay married

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Jasmine Fidow-Maiava

We have to be intentional and strategic about going and growing. It is not enough to just talk about it. It's not even enough to just make a plan. We have to walk the talk even when we can see a clear way ahead. (Hebrews 11:1) God has plans and we have to plan to be a part of His plans. We partner with Christ when we take ownership of our growth process because nobody else will do it for us. If we want our lives to improve we must plan to do so.

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